Common Questions

What will my first appointment look like?

The purpose of the initial examination is to obtain as much quality subjective, and objective information about your health as possible. It starts with a consultation to see if we can help you. From there it will include, but not limited to, a history, neurological computer scans (muscle tension, spinal inflammation and heart rate variability), postural examination, palpation, orthopedic examination and X-rays (if needed). Afterwards, we'll set up a follow-up visit where the doctor will go through all of the finding from this visit with you.

What is a subluxation?

A subluxation is a misalignment and or malfunction of a spinal vertebral segment that effects the nervous system associated with organs, muscles and soft tissues of the body, interfering with mental impulses, thus distorting your sensory perception and compromising your motor response.

Why do you X-Ray?

X-ray is a safe, non-invasive tool we can use to our advantage when it comes to finding structural misalignments, degeneration severity, pathology, and true posture. As a chiropractor, being able to see your bony structure gives us a huge advantage when it comes to giving a safe, specific chiropractic adjustments.

Does getting adjusted hurt and what should I expect post adjustment?

Our chiropractic adjustment is a quick, yet gentle force. After your first adjustment, it is common to be sore the next day, very similar to how you would be after a workout. Typically one of the doctors will call you that evening after your first adjustment to check up on your first experience. Keep in mind that the doctors start slow with care, as to not overstimulate the nervous system, and will add more as the body responds accordingly. 

How old does a child need to be to receive care?

Chiropractic care is safely delivered when necessary from birth. All the doctors have experience with pediatrics, and firmly believe that checking a child for subluxations is essential. All three doctors (brothers) in the office we adjusted (by their parents) within an hour of being born, and throughout their childhood.


Children respond fantastic to chiropractic care, and typically require much less than the average adult. This is due to the simple fact that they haven't acquired years of physical, emotional and chemical trauma that an adult has.


Common issues seen in chiropractic with great results include but are not limited to: Colic, torticollis, ear infections, asthma, ADHD, and obviously correcting spine curvature avoiding things like scoliosis. Most importantly allowing their nervous system to function at 100% through development.


The role of chiropractic with children, is making sure small problems don't turn into big problems in the future. "As the twig is bent, so grows the tree". 

I am pregnant, can I still receive chiropractic care?

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How many adjustments before I feel better?

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I've been in an auto accident, can you help?

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Which chiropractor will be adjusting me?

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